Delta Air Lines – How to Upgrade to Comfort Plus

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The Delta Comfort Plus program is a great way to get more space on an airplane without paying for an extra seat. However, it isn’t for everyone. It can be expensive, and you’ll need to know the benefits and restrictions before you upgrade. This article covers some of the details about the benefits and costs, as well as changes to the program.


Delta Comfort Plus upgrades are a great way to make flying a little more comfortable. These flights offer extra legroom, priority boarding, and extra overhead bin space. However, the cost of a Comfort Plus upgrade is still expensive, and it may not be worth it if you do not need it. You can often get a free upgrade if you are a Delta Medallion member.

The cost of an upgrade to Delta Comfort+ depends on the airline and flight. Depending on the route and number of passengers, it can cost anywhere from $100 to more than a thousand dollars. Delta does offer one free checked bag with every Comfort+ upgrade, but it depends on the distance and airline.

Delta Comfort Plus is a great option for people who cannot afford to travel first class. The extra room and amenities make it an ideal choice for long flights. You can also use your electronics without worrying about charging them. The price is often only a few dollars more than flying in first class, but it’s well worth the added comfort.

When you want to upgrade your seat to Delta comfort+, you need to purchase 3,000 miles. These miles can be purchased through Delta’s website or app. When purchasing Delta miles, you need to know the status of your account and whether or not you have enough points to upgrade. In addition to the seat upgrade, you can also upgrade your companion to the same class.

If you are a Medallion member, you can also get a free upgrade at the gate. These upgrades are available on Delta flights, but you need to be a Medallion member to get them.


When you fly with Delta, you’ll enjoy the benefits of Delta Comfort Plus, a premium economy seat that has extra legroom. This can make a huge difference when you’re flying long distances. You can also upgrade to this class for no extra cost if you’re a frequent flyer, or have a Delta credit card.

Delta Comfort+ includes upgraded food and beverages and other premium amenities. It also includes an early boarding call. This allows you to get to your seat early and deplane quickly. Additionally, you’ll have dedicated overhead bin space and Sky Priority, which allows you to check your bags and get on your way quicker.

Delta Comfort Plus passengers also enjoy complimentary snacks, meals, and alcoholic beverages. These amenities are not offered on all flights, but are generally higher-end than those found in Economy. Those traveling internationally can enjoy additional perks such as earplugs, a pillow, a sleep mask, and toothpaste.

Other Delta Comfort+ benefits include extra legroom. Compared to Economy Class, Comfort Plus seats provide four extra inches of legroom. This can make a big difference on long flights. Additionally, Delta Comfort Plus seats recline 50 percent further than Economy Class seats, meaning you can lie flat for more comfortable sleep.

Delta Comfort Plus passengers also get priority boarding on all Delta flights. They can also receive a free checked bag, if they have a Delta SkyMiles card. On long-haul international flights, Comfort Plus passengers are also offered Amenity Kits, but on domestic flights, they won’t get one. In addition, they also get access to Sky Priority, which offers accelerated check-in. Delta Comfort Plus passengers also receive free extra snacks, including heartier ones.

Delta comfort plus benefits also include free Wi-Fi, ergonomic earbuds, and a blanket, depending on the mileage. While these amenities aren’t included in Delta business class, they are offered in Delta first class.


Delta Air Lines is introducing some changes to its Comfort Plus program. Beginning March 1, passengers in this cabin will have to wait a little longer than other passengers to board their flight. As a result, you should plan ahead to board your flight early. A change to the boarding process will take place on many domestic flights. In addition, Delta is reordering the order in which passengers board their flights. Currently, passengers in Comfort Plus will be boarding after Delta One first class passengers and Diamond Medallion frequent flyers.

Delta Comfort Plus is a step up from the standard economy cabin and comes with more amenities. These seats offer wider recliner seats, more legroom and dedicated carry-on storage. However, these seats do not compare to the seats in first class. You will not have SkyPriority check-in and boarding, and your seat will not be as wide or plush as those in Delta One.

Delta Comfort+ was initially introduced on international flights in 2011. The program expanded to domestic flights in 2012, and was rebranded as Comfort+ in 2015. Comfort+ is available on most transatlantic flights and some intra-European flights. It is also available on flights to Asia Pacific countries. In addition to the United States, it is available in the Asia Pacific region, Central and South America, and on most flights within the Asia Pacific region.

While Delta Comfort Plus costs more than Delta Economy, it is also more comfortable. The Delta Comfort Plus seat offers three inches more legroom compared to the Main Cabin, and it also has a dedicated overhead bin. The Delta Comfort Plus program also offers more complimentary services and premium snacks.

Cancellation fees

If you upgrade from basic economy to comfort plus and find that you do not like your seat, you can cancel your reservation. You should know that cancellation fees may apply. However, if you’re able to cancel your flight within 24 hours, you’ll be able to get a full refund. You can submit your request either online or offline. It’s important to note that you may still be charged a cancellation fee if you cancel more than a day before your flight.

Delta’s website lets you change seats on your flights, but be aware of the cancellation policies and the additional costs that may result. In order to make changes to upcoming flights, you should log into your Delta account and select the “Modify” button. Then, choose the new date and airport you’re going to fly from. Once you’ve made your change, you will be sent a confirmation message.

The best way to avoid cancellation fees on Delta flights is to purchase a nonrefundable ticket. This type of ticket is a great way to lock in a low fare. However, if you need to change your travel plans, you’ll need to pay the difference in the price.

There are certain situations where you may need to cancel a Delta flight for medical reasons. If you’re sick, you can still get a refund if you’ve cancelled at least 24 hours before your flight. However, you’ll have to provide documentation to prove your illness. If you need to cancel for any other reason, you should cancel the flight before the flight and contact Delta to find out if there’s an option.

There are many benefits to upgrading to Delta Comfort Plus, including priority boarding and more legroom. But it is not worth spending hundreds of dollars on a seat upgrade. It’s only worthwhile when you can upgrade for free, which is only possible if you’re a Delta Medallion member.

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