How to Get to One Island in Pokemon Sun and Moon

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If you’re looking for a way to get to One Island, you’ve come to the right place. Pokemon Sun and Moon feature the Sevii Islands, and you can reach the island by ferry from Vermilion City. There, you’ll find Bill’s friend Celio, who asks you to help him find a gem. It’s on Mt. Ember, but there are some good ways to get there from the mainland.

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Icefall cave

Icefall Cave is located on the Sevii Islands. It’s filled with icy caverns that are kept cold by Ice-type Pokemon. The cave only has one inner first floor, and the ice tiles are slippery. Stepping on one can result in falling through, while sliding in the same direction will cause you to slide back.

To enter the Icefall cave, you’ll need a Surf mount. You’ll find two items you can claim, as well as some pokemon. There’s even a level 35 trick for Lapras! The cave is found south east of the main island, near the Memorial Pillar.

After entering the cave, you’ll be greeted by Scientist Richard. He will ask you to pick up an artifact from the nearby ruins, one that calms the sandstorm. When you get it, he’ll let you into the cave, where you can collect items and get to one of the three islands.

Getting to another island is possible via a rainbow pass. First, you need to complete the Icefall cave mission with Lorelei. You can also access the five islands by fighting the rocket grunts on island four. Once you defeat them, you’ll receive the password for the rocket warehouse.

Huntys Path

In Pokemon Sun and Moon, the Huntys Path is an area that is completely exclusive to the game. It is located in the Sevii Islands, south of Kanto. To reach it, you must defeat Blaine of the Cinnabar Gym. Once you have defeated Blaine, you can access the Sevii Islands. Once on the Sevii Islands, you can find Bill at the Ferry Station, located on Cinnabar Island.

Kindle Road

If you’re looking for a straight road north of One Island, you should consider traveling along the Kindle Road. This route will take you up to Mt. Ember and offers many healing opportunities along the way. To start your journey, you can surf to the southern end of One Island and head east. You’ll find a large area of terrain to traverse and a famous hot spring to experience.

The Kindle Road is a long road in the Sevii Islands that connects Mt. Ember with One Island. It has a beach area in the middle and separates the sea into two sections. It also contains a cave entrance, but you can’t enter it in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Another destination along Kindle Road is the Ember Spa. You can visit this location to get the rare Rock Smash. This ability will allow you to smash cracked rocks. It’s an essential move if you want to catch Moltres. The Ember Spa also contains a hot spring that can heal Pokemon.

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