How to Restore a Window in Chrome

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Chrome has an easy way to restore a window by pressing Ctrl + Shift + T. This will make the closed window appear in the list and you can simply click on it to reopen it in a new tab. You can also hover over a tab in the list to restore all its tabs at once.

Ctrl + Shift + T

If you’re working on a Chrome session and accidentally close a window, you may be able to recover it with a simple keyboard shortcut – Ctrl + Shift +T. This will restore the window to its original position and restore any tabs that you had closed earlier. This keyboard shortcut will also work in other browsers based on Chromium.

You can also open the last tab you closed with the Ctrl + Shift +T keyboard shortcut. You can also right-click the top Chrome bar, where you’ll see the recently closed tabs. From here, you can search for the tab you closed.

If you’d prefer to reopen a window individually, you can use the “history” submenu to find the window. This will show you the history of all the pages you’ve visited. It will also show you the recently closed tabs on all of your devices. If you’ve closed a window by mistake, you can find it in the history by searching it. If you have been browsing in private mode, you won’t be able to find it in the history.

The Ctrl + Shift +T keyboard shortcut will bring back all closed windows in Chrome. By pressing this shortcut on your Windows PC, you’ll be able to restore any closed window and tabs. In addition, you can open any recently closed window in Chrome and restore all the tabs in the same order. However, if you don’t have a mouse or trackpad handy, you can open the window using the ‘Kebab’ menu.

Chrome can also handle crashes gracefully, so that if you accidentally close a window, you can restore the window using the Ctrl + Shift + C key combination. It even remembers which tabs you’ve opened previously, so you can restore them easily.

Another way to restore a window in Chrome is by pressing the Ctrl + Shift + H keyboard shortcut. The shortcut opens the tab you recently closed or the last one you closed. The history menu opens to the left, showing which sites you’ve visited recently.


If you want to restore the last session you were in, Workona is a good tool to use. It saves your session automatically, so it’s useful if you accidentally close your browser or have a crash. It also allows you to switch between multiple sessions, and you can even suspend all of your active tabs at once.

This chrome extension automatically saves your tabs and windows, so if you have to close your browser, you won’t lose any of your work. Workona remembers the tabs you previously opened, and it reopens them when you restart Chrome. It also enables you to open previously closed tabs even if you’ve closed the browser.

Workona offers multiple workspaces and allows you to open unlimited sessions per workspace. It also creates a backup snapshot for every hour of active work. Then, you can restore your tabs individually and use them on any device. You can even use Workona to restore your saved tabs, and you can use the app on multiple computers.

Another great feature of Workona is its ability to sync across multiple Chrome profiles. This means that if you use Workona on multiple computers, all of your previous sessions will be saved. This is particularly useful if you frequently switch devices or if you work at home. This feature makes it easier to manage multiple Chrome profiles and save work in one place.

Another great feature of Workona is its ability to organize tabs into named windows. This allows you to create multiple workspaces with different purposes. Workona can also be useful for people who work on multiple projects. When you have a lot of open tabs, Workona can save you from tab overload.

Workona also offers a range of collaboration features. You can share workspaces via email and allow your collaborators to edit the workspace layout. In addition, Workona comes with starter workspaces for different business types. For example, law firms get document management templates and task lists integrated into their workspaces.

Google’s ‘Continue where you left off’ feature

The ‘Continue where you left off” feature in Chrome allows you to resume work where you left off. If you’ve accidentally closed the browser without saving the content, you can enable this feature to restore the window to its original location. However, this feature is limited to windows that are open in a single main window. So, if you’ve accidentally closed multiple windows while browsing the Internet, this feature may not work for you. In such a case, you should save all your work before you clear browsing data and reopen your tabs. You may also want to disable the feature altogether. Some users have found that disabling and reenabling the feature has worked for them.

After you’ve disabled the feature, you may want to try restarting the browser. To do this, simply press Ctrl-Shift-T. This will open the last tab you closed. Chrome will save the data and tabs you opened before closing the browser. Once you restart Chrome, you won’t lose any tabs.

Chrome uses the ‘Continue where you left off feature to restore tabs from your history when it crashes. However, this feature isn’t perfect and may leave more open than you actually have. Sometimes, the feature won’t restore tabs and will not display the ‘Continue where you left off’ prompt.

You can also save pinned tabs to the Bookmarks folder in Chrome. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be able to reopen a window automatically. If you’ve pinned a tab, you can also save it to a new folder by right-clicking it and choosing ‘Pin’. Then, you can move the folder to any location you like. Another alternative is to drag the tab to another folder.

Another option for restoring a window in Chrome is to open the history. This option is found on the menu bar. In the history, you can find all the pages that you’ve visited. Using this option will help you find the tabs you’ve lost.

You can also reset the settings of Chrome by clicking on the three dots on the top right corner. This option will reset the settings of the browser to their default values, so you’ll no longer lose any saved passwords or bookmarks. This option also works on Windows.

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