Spotify Car Things – Control Your Tune Playlists in Your Car

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If you’re a music lover who wants to be able to listen to your tunes in your car, you may want to consider purchasing the Spotify Car Thing. This device allows you to have full control over your music-playing apps, while still allowing you to enjoy the songs in your car.

Bluetooth remote control

Car Thing is a Bluetooth remote control device for Spotify that is currently only available in the U.S. It is primarily intended for older vehicles without built-in car entertainment systems. However, it can be used in a variety of cars and can work with many different audio streaming services.

In order to use the Car Thing, you will need a smartphone and a Premium subscription to Spotify. It costs $10 a month, and up to six accounts can be added. This is in addition to the cost of shipping.

The device works by pairing with your smartphone over Bluetooth. You can also mount it on your dashboard or in the CD slot. Once connected, it allows you to use voice commands. This includes the ability to play songs, pause, search, and more. The touchscreen can also display album information. It has an ambient light sensor, which reduces the brightness of the screen at night.

The Car Thing is designed to make it easier to control your music. It features four microphones that allow it to detect your voice. This allows it to play and pause, search for new music, and add new content to your queue. The device also has a preset function. You can program it to play specific songs or to trigger specific albums.

In addition to the voice feature, Car Thing also has a large touch-screen. Users can set up the buttons on the device in the same way they would for a built-in car radio. They can also set presets, which can be customized to match a variety of interests. Lastly, the device has a privacy switch that prevents it from playing music or playing back your incoming calls.

While the Car Thing is a great product for people who have a Premium subscription, it’s not for everyone. It’s mainly meant for older cars that don’t have Bluetooth or Android Auto. It also requires an auxiliary analog input to connect with your phone, so it can’t be used in modern cars.

While the Spotify Car Thing isn’t going to replace Apple CarPlay, it’s a great option for drivers who don’t want to use their hands for everything. It’s also worth considering if you have a Premium subscription and don’t mind using a device to control your Spotify library.

Four presets

Spotify recently unveiled its Car Thing, an in-car music player that will connect with your mobile phone over Bluetooth. The device offers a touchscreen and voice commands for controlling it.

Spotify’s Car Thing is a great way to listen to music while you drive, but it does require a Spotify Premium account. Plus, it’s not very cheap. The device will set you back $80.

It’s easy to use, too. Using your voice, you can play music, check your playlists, and even answer calls. It also lets you control the volume. And once you save an episode, the Car Thing automatically plays it.

The Car Thing is made for cars, so it’s a safe way to use voice control. It has a touchscreen and a dial, which lets you browse your library, change the volume, and even play podcasts. It will also display recommendations based on your activity.

Compared to its iOS cousin, the Android version of Spotify’s Car Thing is limited to five presets. This means that your treble isn’t boosted as much. Moreover, the bass and midrange frequencies are muted. But with the Car Thing’s Bass Booster feature, your songs will be brighter and clearer.

The device works in tandem with your navigation system, too. If you want to skip a song, press one of the preset buttons and your Car Thing will jump ahead to the next track.

The Car Thing is available in the US, but it’s only been available in limited quantities. Spotify hasn’t said how many people are eligible to get one. But it’s expected to have a few units for sale in the near future.

If you’re interested in a Car Thing, you’ll have to join the invite-only list. If you do, you’ll be the first to know when it goes on sale. And in the meantime, you’ll be able to sign up for a chance to get one for free. You can also buy one for a little extra money.

Overall, the Spotify Car Thing is a handy device that can improve the way you listen to your favorite music. But it might not be worth the price.

Aux cord option

The Car Thing is an app from Spotify that plays music from your phone while you’re on the road. It’s similar to Apple’s CarPlay, which is used by many drivers today. But unlike CarPlay, the Car Thing is also a Bluetooth media player. That’s because it connects to your car’s stereo system through your smartphone.

While the Car Thing was first released for free in February, the device is now available for $50. This price tag may be high, but the device does offer a lot of features. It can display playlists and artists, as well as play more specific albums. You can even use voice commands to play songs.

The Car Thing’s interface is impressive. It includes a touchscreen, as well as a big knob, a small back button, and a selection of preset buttons. You can customize four of the buttons to make them specific to your favorite artists or albums. It even has a noise-suppressing microphone.

The Car Thing is a good option for older vehicles that lack the tech to handle Apple CarPlay. You can also connect your phone to it through a USB cable, or use a more sophisticated option like Bluetooth. Alternatively, you can opt for a cheaper third-party media player.

It’s worth noting that the Car Thing does not come with an aux-in port, so you’ll have to use an aux cord to connect it to your car’s audio system. You’ll also have to plug the device into a 12V power outlet in your vehicle. However, there are plenty of options for mounting it. You can attach it to the dashboard, vent, or a CD player.

The Car Thing also features an adaptive interference cancellation technology that automatically adjusts for incoming noise, making for a better listening experience. It’s easy to use, and its touchscreen is easy to read, too. But you’ll probably want to steer clear of its navigation capabilities while you’re driving.

The Car Thing may not be for everyone, but it can provide a better in-car music listening experience than fiddling with your phone while you’re on the road.

Requires a Spotify Premium subscription

If you’re a Spotify Premium subscriber, you can use Car Thing to control your playlists in the car. The device allows you to play music, make podcasts, and download songs from your library. It’s also voice controlled, so you don’t have to reach for your smartphone while driving.

Spotify’s ‘Car Thing’ is an in-car music player that connects to your car’s stereo through Bluetooth. You can use the touchscreen to browse through your library, and you can ask the device to play a song, skip to the next track, or change your playlist. You can also control the playback by using your phone’s navigation app or Siri.

The company hasn’t announced plans for other music services yet, but it has hinted that it may be compatible with other services like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. It also plans to add a night mode to its Car Thing device.

Besides streaming, you can download songs to your library, and you can listen to podcasts offline. With the Premium subscription, you can access Car Thing through USB, Bluetooth, and Aux jack. The company is also working to add an “add to queue” command. Until then, you can only add your favorite songs to your queue from the app itself.

It’s also possible to create a home screen shortcut to your favorite Spotify playlists. This makes it easy to pause, play, and search for songs when you get bored with what you’re listening to. You can even set up physical buttons to launch particular playlists.

You can also customize your Car Thing to fit your personal preferences. Its interface is very similar to a smartphone’s. You can swipe for a song, talk to it to request songs, and select your favorites. You can also search for content by saying “Hey Spotify,” which will respond to Play, Show, or Shuffle commands.

It’s not a perfect solution for everyone, but it can be a fun way to enjoy your music. For a limited time, you can get a free Car Thing, and you can upgrade to a Premium subscription for an additional cost.

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